BanklessDAO Weekly Rollup #30: HumanDAO Partnership, DAOpunk Lore & Gitcoin Grants

Dear Bankless Nation,

Happy Thanksgiving to our USA members! Even though it's a holiday for those in the USA, the BanklessDAO train does not stop! First off, BanklessDAO is collaborating with HumanDAO, a social impact DAO that aims to help the underserved by providing a job board, education center, and opportunity zone for the Metaverse. This cross-DAO collab is an exchange of tokens, services, and talent.

Next, we’re featuring a piece of DAOpunk Lore submitted by Mortimer! Agatha’s story is a reminder of why many of us are on the Bankless journey: the pursuit of freedom. Congratulations to Mortimer for winning the DAOpunk Lore contest!

Finally, Gitcoin Grants Round 12 is opening soon with $1.5M of matching funds for projects! Among the projects seeking funding is the Bankless Academy. Even small donations can balloon to big matches through the magic of quadratic funding. But remember: Gitcoin will only match your donation if you verify your account. Round 12 opens December 1 and closes on December 16 at 12am UTC, so get verified, make your donations, and put BanklessDAO on the map!

Authors: BanklessDAO Writers Guild (EthHunter, Jake and Stake, siddhearta, Ap0ll0517, Trewkat)


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UMA helps DAOs diversify their treasury and build community

🚨 BanklessDAO 🤝 HumanDAO Featured Partnership!

This week BanklessDAO and HumanDAO have formed a partnership around a shared mission: to help one billion people go bankless.

HumanDAO's mission is to improve human lives through crypto. It will do this by facilitating options outside local economies, connecting traditionally underserved communities to new opportunities in the metaverse.