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Dear Bankless Nation 🏴,

Shipping this last newsletter of Season 4 brings mixed emotions as it's been quite a journey this season. Despite a few bumps in the road, we have continued on our mission to help the world go Bankless. We do this by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.

During the slowdown in the markets, the DAO maintained a steady pace of work. Many guilds and projects established a more comprehensive framework for their operations, while others explored fresh ideas, providing new perspectives on coordination and governance.

We saw DAOlationships close sponsorship deals, as did the Newsletter Team and Bankless Academy. Bankless Card went full throttle this season, grabbing attention after showcasing their prototype at ETH Barcelona. The Marketing Guild got our socials buzzing and AV Guild is posting some seriously good content on YouTube.

In the future, we will recall with pride how we managed this first bear season. The bears were well out of hibernation, to quote a line from this week’s editorial, but we handled this time well. It is amazing that we still retained our energy and it shows us how strong we are as a family. So let's find a comfy spot, read AustinFoss' Season 5 preview, and then register for the DAO’s August Coordinape.

Season 5 promises to be fabulous, but busy — so rest well during this gap week. bDAO strong!

Contributors: theconfusedcoin, ****anointingthompson1, AustinFoss, WinVerse, Trewkat, siddhearta, hirokennelly.eth, ab_colours


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