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So I guess how I can help you today is really just to learn a little bit more about you and your company and the impact that you're making and what category of web three you fill and how you connect with your audience and how we can connect with our audience and then relay that to her to program in her seasonal schedule. Does that sound okay?

That sounds awesome, yeah.

So tell me a little bit more about your platform and really what ecosystems are you integrated to, what is the utility to a community of users, et cetera.

Yeah, for sure. So Neutron is built with some of the core technologies that make the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos SDK IBC tendermint. Now, in terms of what value it actually provides. It's a direct response to some of the shortcomings that the ecosystem has been limited by for the longest time. The ecosystem so far has been brought carried by the appchain thesis, which was understood as everything should be a Cosmos DK appchange. Our team doesn't believe that's the case. We do understand the benefits of customizability and sovereignty, but that can actually being an app chain doesn't require you to be a Cosmos DK appchain specifically. It could be a roll up. There's a wide design space.

Essentially, what Neutron does is for those who decide not to be a Cosmos SDK chain, we provide the infrastructure that allows you to still leverage IDC the protocol to the fullest. That's number one, which wasn't the case before, and two, therefore allows your application to launch within this ecosystem of 51 plus interconnected blockchains, but not actually have to choose and settle for just one feature set or just one market. Basically, we help connect all of them together so that your application can scale better and so that you can provide a better user experience by abstracting away a lot of the crushing complexity from the user interface and bring it towards the infrastructure layer instead. I believe you're a mute.

Yeah. Sorry. So I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Cosmos, so educate me a little bit on kind of I guess you already started a little bit in terms of, like, the API chain thesis, I think you called it. Walk me through a little bit kind of the cosmos right now.

The appchain Thesis appchain is the idea that you can make a blockchain that's specific to one application and that you can bake the applications logic directly, very deep into the blockchain to try and how well that system, that distributed ledger will perform the functions that the applications need to function appchain.

Yeah. Okay, so walk me through a little bit then, how the DFI ecosystem has worked traditionally in the cosmos platform and how neutron, because you're saying you're kind of revolutionizing some of these things yourselves, how you're changing that from how it worked before and how it's working today.

Yeah, I mean, largely speaking, it hasn't worked before. You have an ecosystem of chains where there has been a lot of attempts, but also very limited liquidity, a lot of fragmentation in the liquidity in the user base, and a lot of friction in the UX. Well, there's basically two or three exceptions to that rule of generally DeFi has not been so successful in cosmos, which are I guess the most stark example is terra. Terra was a cosmos SDK app chain, and it was tremendously successful in bootstrapping, a very lively, very successful until USD collapsed. And since then, there really has been very limited sort of like DeFi in cosmos. And the only other project that really stand out was osmosis, an app chain that is built with a dex in the blockchain itself. Right?