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What is Crypto Sapiens?

Crypto Sapiens is a web3 podcast that is recorded LIVE every week and distributed across all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Crypto Sapiens plays an essential role in supporting the web3 movement by providing educational content that expands people’s understanding of decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies. Crypto Sapiens connects web3 pioneers and visionaries with crypto curious individuals. We host thoughtful and accessible discussions to empower everyone with the resources they need to become crypto natives.

Our Philosophy — Our “Why?”

Crypto Sapiens was established to educate the next generation of humans. The world is entering into a new age as the internet evolves into web3; our mission is to prepare our listeners for this transition by motivating them to become builders and contributors in the burgeoning space of DAOs. We host discussions with innovative web3 builders with the aim of helping individuals learn more about the future of work. Crypto Sapiens differs from other media sources in web3 by unearthing quality discussions from the speakers personal journey into web3. Crypto Sapiens mission is to inspire our listeners to become builders, and contributors, by sharing deep conversations with the founders and core-members of innovative projects that’s community aligned, and values decentralization. Our goal is to become a staple in web3 media by sharing the story of our pioneers.

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