Proposal Framework

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Guidance For Future Proposals

Proposal template

This is a framework for guidance. So, feel free to do what you feel is right for your particular proposal (e.g. if it’s a simple proposal and needs to be moved forward quickly you may elect to try going straight to the voting stage).  Note: if your idea doesn’t require guild funds or addition/revision/depreciation of a guild role or active program then you probably don’t need to use the rigour of this process and can probably just do a temperature and awareness check via messages in the appropriate guild channel.

  1. Ideation
    1. Share an idea in #design-gov to get some quick feedback
    2. Do a quick @seshbot poll to get a sense of what people think
  2. Proposal Draft
    1. Use this GDoc template Proposal template when drafting a new proposal
    2. Signal in #design-governance that you’re working on it so that co-authors can signal interest in collaborating (i.e. work in the open)
  3. Discussion/Revision
    1. Receive comments in #design-gov, GDoc
    2. Option: LettuceMeet to coordinate feedback/advice calls where needed
    3. Redraft the GDoc and communicate in #design-gov when changes happen
    4. Option: Use a @seshbot poll to see if it’s ready for voting if unsure
  4. Voting (Consensus Check)
    1. Proposal updated to status ‘Voting’ with link to the sesh poll
    2. Use a @seshbot poll w/ emoji react as the voting poll in #design-gov.
    3. Vote poll should be open for a minimum 3 days to maximize participation
    4. Be sure to clearly label it as a ‘consensus vote’ and use the @design-guild tag when posting so the guild is notified for maximum participation
    5. All binary (yes/no) type votes require a 60% consensus to pass, all non-binary votes or variations required must be defined in the proposal and clearly state thresholds/mechanics for a successful consensus.
  5. Closing and Treasury Distributions
    1. The proposal is updated to status ‘Closed’ and a decision summary is recorded
    2. Guild coordinator role notified (if not aware) to rally the multi-sig signers
    3. Signers sign transaction(s)

Guild Sponsored Bounties

Guild Roles

Resources Required