Welcome to the Design Guild!

We shape the look and feel of BanklessDAO. We aim to cultivate a community that fosters the growth of visual storytelling. Our job is to design, teach, and learn.

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Role Holders:

Guild Coordinator(s): NFThinker and JENetics

Governance: Reinis

Project Coordinator: Chrisfcrypto

Talent Coordinator(s): AnaTech and IsraelRex

Secretary: TohlHouseCookie

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Design Guild Meeting Schedule: Visit #calendar for an extensive list of meetings in the DAO

• Office Hours with Reinis - Monday 17:00 UTC | Drawing Board

• Role Holder Weekly Sync - Monday 18:00 UTC | Drawing Board

• Office Hours with Talent Coordinator - Tuesday 18:00 UTC | Office Hours Channel

• Design Guild Weekly Meeting - Wednesday 17:00 UTC | Drawing Board

Notion - https://www.notion.so/bankless/Design-Guild-6f59223e601a4e418151b3622aa6b81c

Channel Structure

design-general - This is our home, discussions, announcements and ideas live here.