What is Dev First Quest?

Welcome to the BanklessDAO Developers Guild!

The Dev First Quest is the official onboarding process for the Dev Guild. It aims to introduce and ease developers into the DAO while facilitating their involvement and helping them discover meaningful projects to get involved in.

How do I get started with First Quest?

You can complete the first quest by completing an onboarding session with a Talent Coordinator. Introduce yourself in the #dev-first-quest discord channel, fork the Bankless Stack repo and create a file in the submission folder which includes your profile details (check readme for the format), then create a pull request. Here’s a simple walkthrough/tutorial


Why should I do the First Quest?

The first quest task is your first step to begin an exciting developer journey in Web3! It will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the developers guild, including our identity, active projects, contributors, available bounties, and more.

Secondly, completing the first quest provides you with exposure to projects looking for specific skill sets, experience, and availability. The first quest puts you out there!

Do I need to complete the First Quest to be involved in Dev Guild?

Yes, it’s a structured way of tracking guild members and providing them with opportunities suited to their skills.

After the First Quest, what next?

There are a couple of ways to get involved

Any Questions, or need help? Reach out to a Talent Coordinator or send a message to the general channel.