**Collab.Land is a user-management platform with tools that integrate directly into Discord. BanklessDAO Discord uses the Collab.Land bot for both verification and tipping. All BanklessDAO Discord users can receive tips with no prior setup required.**

Only Discord members who have connected their wallets to Collab.Land will be able to use the tipping features to tip others. If you have not previously verified (i.e. because you don't yet hold 35K BANK), you can still go to the #collabland-join channel and follow the process to connect.

This article covers:

  1. How to deposit tokens from your wallet on either the Ethereum or Polygon network
  2. How to check balance and tip others
  3. How to withdraw.

Table of Contents

How to Deposit Tokens

You can deposit BANK from Ethereum Mainnet and/or BANK held on Polygon (referred to as mBANK in order to distinguish the two balances) into Collab.Land for tipping use in Discord.

In your Direct Message (DM) with the verified Collab.Land bot, type !deposit and Collab.Land will reply with three network options:


To deposit BANK to your Collab.Land address from Ethereum Mainnet, type the command: !deposit 1. The bot will respond with Deposit Instructions for Ethereum Mainnet:



To deposit mBANK to your Collab.Land address from the Polygon network type the command: !deposit 137. The bot will respond with Deposit Instructions for the Polygon network:


There will be two addresses shown in the instruction box text:

  1. Send ETH or supported tokens to 0x…1 ****The first address is the one that will hold your funds in Collab.Land. It is unique to each user and chosen network. It is not possible or necessary to change this one.
  2. Accepted deposit address 0x…2 ****The second address is your wallet — the one you are using to send the funds. It is called the ‘Accepted deposit address’. Update this address to the one that belongs to you by clicking the blue ‘Click Here’ link.

<aside> ⚠️ You MUST update the ‘Accepted deposit address’. Replace the default address with your own Ethereum or Polygon wallet address.