What is the Education Department?

The Education Department plays a key role in the empowerment of DAO members through:

The Education Department is internally-focused and aims to help folks become more effective BanklessDAO participants. For broader cryptocurrency and web3 educational material aimed outside of BanklessDAO, visit Bankless Academy:

Bankless Academy <Public Dir>

How can I get involved?

New DAO members should first attend a New Joiner Session for an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the people, projects, and processes of BanklessDAO. Then, for those who may never have worked within a DAO before, we offer the necessary information to get started.

With a rotating schedule of repeating workshops, the How-To series aims to cultivate effective DAO members, while the Knowledge Session series caters more to those members looking to push their web3 and DeFi understanding to the next level.

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