Fight Club Education

What kind of education does Fight Club provide?

The education arm of FC will focus on venture capital processes, due diligence, and investment within the web3 space. It will accommodate members with varying levels of knowledge and be as inclusive as possible.

Due diligence is done by deal managers and junior analysts who complete the Fight Club education. Analysts can be promoted to managers based on performance on deals and the judgment of their managers.

Can Investors become analysts?

Yes, but they wouldn’t be compensated for their work.

Is this open to all members of Bankless Dao?

Yes. Any Level 1 or higher bDAO or Fight Club member can opt to go through the education program.

Does Fight Club provide certification?

That is being discussed at the moment.

When will Fight Club education start?

The first Education Webinar Series was launched in the fall of 2021 and is planned to run through Season 3.