About the GSE Initiative

What is a GSE: “Governance-minded DAO members elected to spec out a comprehensive solution to mission-critical DAO infrastructure challenges.”

Scope of work: The original spec stated a new seasonal spec. It should be more generalized than this. GSE’s should design and serve the system of community self-improvement not limited to seasonal specs.

Areas: Contributor Alignment and Strategic Prioritization

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When: Fridays at 5:00pm UTC

Where: GSE Stage under Governance

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🤝 Our Promise to BanklessDAO

Scope of function: https://forum.bankless.community/t/draft-2-governance-solutions-engineer-program/2663

Original spec: https://forum.bankless.community/t/draft1-banklessdao-season-1-proposal/904

Season 4 spec: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hyczPWjYi4MWpDl45ujR0m-l2pQofXnK6kAYTOXjRNY/edit


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