Genesis Fund

What is the Genesis Fund?

The Genesis Fund is an Delaware LLC open to accredited Fight Club members. The Genesis Fund mandate is to make seed and early-stage investments in web3.0 companies and protocols.

Who can join the Genesis Fund?

Fight Club members, including non-US citizens and corporate entities, that qualify as US accredited investors.

How is the Genesis Fund similar and different from traditional VC firms and funds?

The Genesis Fund is a decentralized venture fund within a DAO structure.



Should investors in the US and elsewhere have concerns about government intervention and regulation?

The Genesis Fund will be fully compliant with all SEC and other pertinent regulations.

Do you accommodate non-US investors?

Non-US investors that qualify as accredited investors may become members of the Genesis Fund. In the future, Fight Club plans to launch an offshore version of the Genesis Fund for non-US members that do not want to be exposed to US regulation and taxation laws.