What is Bankless?

Bankless is a movement. It hails from the collective conviction that going bankless is a journey towards freedom, self-sovereignty, and financial independence.

What is Going Bankless?

Simply put, going bankless means reducing our reliance on central banks and commercial banks. With the invention of Ethereum and the subsequent crypto-money system, banks will become an outdated model for money management. They are no longer needed.

Why Go Bankless?

This open money system is just getting started. That makes going bankless a journey Westwards to find gold. If we’re right—massive upside! New economies. New asset classes. The opportunity to become financially independent. This is like learning HTML and buying .com domains in 1995.

So why should you go bankless?

  1. To maximize your crypto wealth [independence and wealth]
  2. To become a Bankless Jedi [skills & knowledge]

More broadly, by all of us going bankless, we create a better system for future generations to thrive.

  1. It’s about rejecting authoritarianism (read the deeper reason)
  2. It’s about building it up not burning it down (read the cities burn below)
  3. It’s about how we can change the world **(**read the 3.5% rule**)**
  4. It’s about access for developing world (read straddling two worlds)
  5. It’s about a hedge against their money printing (read the cost of money printing)

Bankless means freedom and upside for each of us as individuals and an opportunity make the world a better place for future generations. If bankless wins, the world wins.

Resources to get Started