1. Segregate deal flows into: a) founder shill deals and b) referral deals.

  2. Isolate ventureDAO deals from syndicate deals.

  3. Create separate channels for partner led deals - i.e. GCR, etc.

  4. Determine access for each deal channel.


Channel Name Description Access
Shill Channel where founders can shill their projects. Each shill should have its own threads and the education team will filter these deals out for the Deal Pipeline. Founders, NFT members, Prospective Investors, Trained Analysts
Referral Channel for projects that are brought in by Prospective Investors, VCs, and NFT members. These projects are considered vetted and will be sent directly to the Deal Pipeline. NFT members, VCs (ambassador/guest),
GCR Channel for GCR delegate to list deals. GCR delegate, Prospective Investors, NFT members
Genesis Fund (vDAO) Channel for the Genesis Fund deals. Each venture DAO may have their own channel for specific deals. VentureDAO members, Analysts
Due diligence Channel for Due Diligence teams to discuss projects that have reached the Due Diligence stage. Each project should have its own thread. Analysts, Prospective Investors, NFT members