New channels will unlock for you as you participate in the DAO. Anyone in the DAO can be in one of two positions:

Non-Members are also known as Guest Pass holders.

Members have four roles:

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an L1 Member?

Becoming a Level 1 Member of BanklessDAO will unlock a range of benefits. The main benefits of moving from Guest Pass to Level 1 are:

🤝 **How Do I Become a Contributor (L2)?**‌

Level 2 Contributor status is a social signal of esteem and gratitude within BanklessDAO.

It is a role you assume, not a position you have.

It is not a hierarchical position with direct power over others (although there are some extra Discord role privileges that come with the tag 😊).

Contributors are community members that have created something of value for BanklessDAO through their grit and effort. Possible reasons include: