Tentative Soft Launch


<aside> ⛏️ OG NFTs minted: 30


<aside> 💰 Soft Commitments: $456k


<aside> 👨‍👨‍👦 Community (new discord): 64 members


<aside> ⛏️ bdao NFTs minted:


<aside> ⛏️ public sale NFTs minted:


<aside> 🚩


Objectives (in proposal):

  1. Incorporation of the Genesis Fund.
  2. Design and marketing plan for the Genesis NFT sale. (OG Done, currently working on bdao mint)
  3. First close of bDAO members Genesis Fund >> pending bdao and public NFT sales

We have completed:

  1. incorporation,

  2. virtual office,

  3. soft commitment list,

  4. marketing materials,

  5. draft version of Genesis Fund site,

  6. Due diligence ops manual