Anyone can help generate revenue for the DAO by participating in the PieDAO Liquidity Referral Rewards Program. Read the proposal for more info.

How to Participate

PieDAO launched DOUGHpamine Liquidity Rewards on two Sushiswap pools, for which LPs are offered significant incentives:

Not only is Bankless DAO generating revenue, participants are rewarded as well.

Add liquidity to PLAY / DOUGH

The contract address for the PLAY / DOUGH pair on Sushiswap is 0xaf491D603DB3c1138a5ee5DB35Eb0C7b6c4541a2

<aside> 💡 To add liquidity to this pool, click this link to navigate to the pool pair on Sushiswap.


  1. Confirm the transaction to deposit both PLAY and DOUGH