Contributors & Services Terms and Conditions

A world class, multidisciplinary talent pool means BanklessDAO is always generating new content. Here are some general terms and conditions to clarify the relationship between content producer, client, and DAO.

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Contributor Terms


The creator(s) retains copyright of the original content, even if it is iterated upon by others in a collaborative manner.

According to the legal guild, normal copyright rules do not apply to DAOs. Rather, the originating artist should be recognized by a digital watermark, or a classic trademark element (such as a Nittra dragon). Any collaborative or derivative works should clearly attribute credit to the originating artist. As the work is effectively in the name of BanklessDAO, the artist must allow the use of Creative Commons, for use of their artwork. The originating artist will be recognized in the derivative artwork.

Citations & Attribution of Credit (Specific to Writers)

Creators must clearly attribute credits to the original content cited in their work. It should be clear what part of the content is a citation (e.g. wrapping it in block quotes or quotation marks) and to what source it can be attributed. Linking to the original source is a good practice but when impossible, the attribution needs to state the source and the author.

Content copied from another source without clearly marking it as a citation and attributing credit to the source, may be considered plagiarism. There should be some process for addressing such situations to ensure the DAO is kept safe and whole.

Verifying Facts (Specific to Writers)

The writer is expected to do research to determine the veracity of the information they include in their article. Opinions must be stated as opinions, denoting a clear differentiation from fact.

Creative License

The artist shall be granted artistic license in relation to the content produced. The style of the work completed should be congruent with the creator's previous works as shown in their portfolios or in a provided pitch. The creator does not undertake any guarantee for specific styles used unless specifically stated in the bounty, assignment, or contract.

Completion Schedules

In general, a schedule of the scope of work, and for completing the content is contractual, and a guild artist is asked not to take on a job that they know cannot be completed by the deadline. For internal jobs from another guild, a clear statement of work, with the concept they are trying to purvey, along with an appropriate deadline, and agreement on payment should be made BEFORE the job is started.

A client will be allowed to see and share, internally, the uncompleted iterations of any task to ensure KPIs are being met. Number of iterations to be specified in the bounty. The art director, project coordinator, or talent coordinator should be involved in this process if the scope of the project includes them.

Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of partial, or total, failure to fulfill this contract, or cancellation of the contract, by either party, or in any other circumstances, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss. Client/s hold harmless Bankless DAO, its guilds, agents, and members from all liability, damage, cost, or expense unless caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct.