This is the Sponsorship Guide for how to use the “Media Kit/ Pitch Deck.”

This Media Kit was produced to facilitate the outreach and onboarding of sponsors to the various media channels within BanklessDAO. The tools below are designed to be modified depending on the particular projects needs. Statistics and information should be updated before sending to potential sponsors.

⚠️ Important considerations regarding sponsors:

To get a better understanding of what BanklessDAO can offer sponsors and partners, first take a look at our 🥗 Product Menu.


📽 Media Kit (Template in Google Slides and graphics)

🚨 Updating the Media Kit

Make sure to update the information and statistics of the Media Kit with the current Media Statistics. These statistics should be updated quarterly to reflect the most recent data.

Other sources of information include DAO Dash or Content Gateway.

Onboarding Questionnaire for each project

Required Sponsorship Assets: Use this document to see what’s needed from the new sponsor to publish their logos or content.

📰 Newsletter Sponsorship Materials

Podcast Sponsorship Materials