Hello and welcome to the Dev Guild!

Whether you're just curious about what we do or want to jump right in to one of our many projects, let's get you set up and on the path to involvement.

First, assign yourself the guild tag in Discord

If you've been in Discord, you're probably super overwhelmed (if not, join BanklessDAO Discord). After all, the entire DAO is trying to squeeze every initiative into one server.

We're working on better organizational flows, but to start:

  1. Go to the #⚔guild-select channel and add yourself to the Dev Guild
    1. Listen to pings for our guild
    2. Unlock hidden Dev channels
  2. Mute the rest of the server liberally
    1. Tip: you can mute entire categories (and minimize them, too)
  3. Introduce yourself to the DAO and Guild
    1. Say hello to the DAO in 👋intros
    2. Let the Guild know you've arrived in #🧰dev-guild
      1. Mention your stack and what type of work you're interested in!
  4. Join the Dev Guild First Quest Cohort
    1. DG First Quest is a program intended to help with onboarding new developers to the guild.
    2. Check out the pinned messages in #dev-first-quest to get started

Next, subscribe to the Dev Guild Newsletter

Asynchronous communication is key to keeping the global community informed. Subscribe to our weekly email to get the high level happenings and callouts to:

  1. Role openings
  2. Things to vote on
  3. Things that need feedback
  4. Fire memes 🔥

Ideally, hop into our weekly meetings and get involved