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<aside> 💡 The Fight Club Education Project is under the Fight Club Umbrella. The education arm of FC will focus on exposing bDAO members (minimum Level1) to concepts like venture capital processes, due diligence, and investment within the web3 space. It will accommodate members with varying levels of knowledge and be as inclusive as possible.


<aside> 💡 Our Weekly Meeting is on Tuesdays at 10 am EST


For Applicants

<aside> 💡 The series is comprised of seven webinars that cover topics outlined in the curriculum below and three fireside chats with experts from the space. To be eligible for an analyst apprenticeship, you must attend eight out of ten events. If you have any questions, head over here and post your question in either #public-square or #fc-education, or dm Ap0ll0517🏴#5781 directly.


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Curriculum Series I

Curriculum Series II



Objectives + KPIs

Series Goal KPIs
1 10 Sessions 10
1 5 Webinars 5
1 5 Fireside chats 4
1 Attendees (cumulative) 345
1 Graduates 7

Second Cohort

NFT Investing Work Group (v2)


Verum Capital proposal


Series I