The beginning of this document includes a summary report of bDIPs and a suggested Draft 1 of the BanklessDAO Season 8 Specification. Hopefully the schedule allows for a smooth season transition for everyone.

That break is important and I wanted to ensure our operational timelines were aligned to accommodate Gap Week by default.

Please review the proposed timeline for Season 8 and provide any feedback regarding the adjustment of dates. If a change in dates is desired for any of the Season 8 milestones, please open discussion in the comments so that any updates can be reflected in a second draft.

Author’s Introduction

Hello! I am Ernest of Gaia, and I have been stewarding the Season 8 transition. The processes around season transitions have been adapting to changes in governance, so I’d like to offer some context on the current state of the season transition process.

Some quick reminders:

The Seasonal Specifications are simply general operational specifications that allow organizational units to plan for the following season. While the Operations Department will manage the specifications we want as much input from DAO Members as possible so as to make decisions that align with members.

This process is evolving and is not without flaws. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Thank you for your active participation in BanklessDAO governance. Let’s make 2023 up-only!

Remaining Season 7 Operations Timeline