<aside> ⛰️ The Grants Committee disburses BanklessDAO resources to encourage long-term pursuit of our Mission, Vision, and Values


How to Get a Grant

  1. Create a forum post using one of the templates below
    1. Project, Guild, Department
  2. Achieve the quorum results listed in our Voting Procedures
  3. Submit your project here: https://tally.so/r/wkdPRM
    1. A GC member will be in touch to invite you to a sync meet
  4. Attend the meeting, answer questions about your project and KPIs
    1. The GC will vote on your project
  5. Work on your project, submit your KPIs monthly
    1. Read more about our KPI Process

Important Dates

The following dates are from the Season 9 Specification

S9 Members

Baer.eth (lead)




Paulitobankless (lead)

Committee Resources

GC Accounting Spreadsheet

Grants Committee Handbook

Grants Committee Meeting Notes

Project Submissions

Project List

Project & Guild KPIs

[S9 Project KPI Measurements](<https://bankless.notion.site/S9-Project-KPI-Measurements-102d16a607ae468088e52d8bee3e55a8>) 

Recorded Meetings - Dash App


Meeting Notes

Grants Committee Tasks


Season 9 Seasonal Funding

Season 9 Seasonal Funding - Late Items

Season 9 Seasonal Grant Request Spreadsheet

TEMP GC Template - Project

Season 10 Grant Request Spreadsheet