We aim to operate in an efficient and decentralized manner. Crypto Sapiens is organized into Workgroups (WGs) with designated roles to make our lives more manageable and support producing extraordinary interview-style discussions on a weekly basis. The allocation of budget to roles, bounties, and WG projects will be approved by elected Core Contributors for each WG. Anyone who has earned the Contributor role tag can apply for an available role at any time - even if it does not exist yet - as new roles and bounties can be proposed by starting a discussion on the Crypto Sapiens Discord server.

Community Onboarding Flow [draft]

WorkGroup Organization

All WGs must have at least one (1) Core Contributor that acts as the 1) main point of contact and 2) facilitator responsible for:

Intra-WG Coordination

  1. Onboarding new team members.
  2. Formalizing proposed WG/project goals, roles, and budget for each season.
  3. Maintaining access to the accounts and permissions necessary to facilitate the functions of the team.
  4. Delegating account access to the team as necessary for the duration someone is fulfilling their role.

Inter-WG Collaboration

Proposed Roles

Core Contributors and Active Roles