<aside> 💡 Research Guild serves as the research laboratory of BanklessDAO. Here, you will find resources, research projects, surveys, and interesting information that can be used for future BanklessDAO and Web3 Needs.

The Guild's Mission will be to operate as a Support Node for conducting, guiding, and funding research that aligns with the goals and vision of the Bankless DAO.

To achieve these goals, the Research Guild Will:

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Role Member
Guild Coordinator Aloy
Education Manager The Homie
Daolationship and Liaison Manager Etrinity
Social Media Manager Gahbby
Project Manager SpiritedF
Notion Admin Oracle
Governance and Treasury Crown
Talent Coordinator Vickyone
Monday at 🕓 4:00 pm UTC https://bankless.notion.site/961f61cc1866433395e27a0fab567a05

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Proposal Framework (Updated for Clarity - 5/20/2023)