Workgroups are autonomous collections of individuals. Meta-governance seeks to align our workgroups into a highly coordinated system of positive-sum interactions.

WorkGroups, WorkStreams, and WorkFlows [IN REVIEW]

External Definitions of MetaGovernance

Index Coop

“Because the Index Cooperative’s products are composed of other products, it holds voting positions on those products. This is what is referred to as “Metagovernance.””

Torfing, Peters, Pierre and Sorensen

“the need of formal public organizations to exercise some control over devolved and decentralized decision-making organizations.”

“how interactive forms of governance can be metagoverned”

  1. The supreme organizational platform level of a hierarchical order targeting / implementing inclusive and participative governability of various, diverse, and interdependent discourses and interactions of private / public actors in intra-/ intersystemic, interorganizational, intergovernmental, intersocietal networks, arenas, alliances
  2. the governance of governance, not a super-governance, the "governing of governing", the coordination mechanism, process, manner, method and/or system of metagoverning processes; the systemic approach for the development, implementation, and management of Metapolicy Regimes, guided by the constitutional determination of MetaPolity
  3. a syndicating interorganizational networks-system between the state, market, civil society, and their interrelated institutions and organizations using hierarchical mechanisms or instruments with normative dimension correlating values, norms, and principles to underpin governance systems and governing approaches
  4. an innovative system of democratic legitimacy structuring and governing: multilevel (national, international, supranational, transnational), multifaceted (territorial, functional, modern and post-modern), and with a multitude of actors (social, economic, political and cultural; institutional and extra-institutional) ...