To nurture and encourage meaningful contribution across all group members.

A mastermind group is a structured environment that coordinates the knowledge and effort of a group of people who work towards a shared purpose in the spirit of harmony and success for all. The group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and a supportive environment. The group helps generate creative ideas, develops narratives and promotes wise decision making. A dynamic and productive mastermind group offers various perspectives, levels of experience, domains of knowledge, and personal insight.

Sharpen your writing and personal skills. Challenge yourself to set goals and accomplish them.


Commitment: Show up for yourself, and for others.

Hospitality: Create an inviting, trustworthy space.

Attention: Be a present, generous listener, acknowledging and recognizing others.

Participation: Be willing to contribute and receive advice.

Accountability: Follow through and execute on your goals.

Humility: The constant companion of curiosity, surprise and delight.

Respect: Clear, simple, productive feedback.

Courage: Sharing your work is a vulnerable act, you belong here.

Connection: Offer mutual support and encouragement.

Confidentiality: Don’t share stories or struggles outside the group.


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